5th Annual International Congress and Exhibition in Uzbekistan

Nero Delta plans to continue establishing strategic partnerships in our industry. We are pleased to announce Nero Delta is a Gold Sponsor participant at the 5th Annual International Congress and Exhibition: Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian in Uzbekistan on February 17th and 18th, 2021.

This renowned event, which is supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, features key leaders of the hydroelectric industry from multiple Central Asian locations such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Nero Delta is proud to be the only Canadian company participating in this event in 2021.

Nero Delta’s Goal of Forming Key Alliances in the Region

One of the main reasons Nero Delta is pleased to be part of the International Congress and Exhibition is due to our growing level of interest in over twenty investment projects in the region. Many of these projects are specifically aligned with the continuing mission and efforts of Nero Delta to modernize existing hydro generators. We look forward to establishing vital associations, with other manufacturers, for the express purpose of collaborating on future projects as well as sharing industry experiences and learning about new technologies in the Renewable Energy Sector

Thanks to his extensive industry experience and engineering background, Oleg Buldakov, the CEO of Nero Delta, will serve as one of the key speakers on strategic and technical developments in the hydro energy sector.

The Evolution of the Uzbekistan Energy Market

In 2021, Uzbekistan is recognized as one of the most intriguing and vigorous energy markets in Central Asia. In September 2020, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), along with the support and participation of World Bank, approved a $200-million dollar policy-based loan to the Government of Uzbekistan. The purpose of the loan was the strengthening of the power sector of the nation by providing it a greater amount of financial stability along with ensuring an ample investment in its critical infrastructure.  The Power Sector Reform Program is designed to enable competition and produce an environment that is welcoming to private investments, consumer protection and job creation. 

The current Uzbekistan power sector is in need of a major functional overhaul and new power stations due to aging power generation and distribution assets. The government is also moving towards a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity supply chain while also improving overall energy efficiency through improved regulations and standards. 

The ultimate goal of these policy and program reforms is to increase private sector participation in the field of power generation to a level of (at least) 15% in capacity terms. In addition, there is a goal of improving revenue collection to 99% by 2023.

Nero Delta and the Central Asian Market

As the Central Asian market stands ready for final growth and industry upgrades, Nero Delta has the capacity to meet all of the necessary requirements of modernizing existing hydro generators. We look forward to providing the solutions needed to improve outdated power generation and distribution assets. We also welcome the opportunity to showcase our industry expertise as part of Nero Delta’s overall goal of growing our personal and business ties in the Central Asian market. 

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