Stator Winding Bars

Power capacity

Stator Winding Bars

Depending on the type of generator, stator winding bars (roebel bars) consist of either hollow or solid copper conductors that are properly insulated and configured. The stator winding system has a two-layer arrangement of Robel bars located in the slots that are series-connected (upper to lower bar) to form coils.


Stator winding bars (roebel bars), which are located in the stationary part of the rotary system, can be hollow or they can be a conductor that is solid copper. 

The design depends of the type of hydro electric generator that is in use.

Length up to 8 meters
Thickness of the wire 1-4 mm
Width of the wire 4-15 мм
Length of weaving zone 7280 mm. max
Transposition options 360°, 540°, 720°
Additional material options: copper tube

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