National Clean Energy Week – Washington, D.C.

Renewable energy plays an important part in the ongoing quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as shape the energy security and policies of multiple countries across the globe. Hydropower continues to be a popular source of energy as the power generated through this method is provided by moving water. Besides being a renewable resource that utilizes the natural flow of a body of water to generate electricity, hydroelectric power provides:

▫️ Lower overall operating costs
▫️ Low greenhouse gas emissions
▫️ Quick response to electricity demand AKA a high ramp rate.

These factors enable hydropower to be used for peak load electricity generation or base load electricity generation (or both).

Last week, Nero Delta attended “The International Landscape Session” of the annual National Clean Energy Week event. This international gathering focused on the policies, insights and industry innovations that combine to provide the public with a long-term, cleaner energy future along with an overall reduced amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Renewable energy continues to play a major role in lowering energy imports as well as reducing the use of fossil fuels that produce large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. 

The continued use of water power remains a primary industry goal and requires an acceleration of the greening of global supply chains. This task can be accomplished by the ongoing modernization of existing hydropower plants as well as performing any required repairs and maintenance tasks needed to return each plant back to its installed capacity level.

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