Canadian Future of Hydropower

Canada’s hydropower generates 62% of the clean, renewable electricity, making the country the 2nd largest waterpower generator globally.

It’s current installed capacity, 80,846 MW, is short of its 155,000 MW technical potential. 60%-70% of existing generators require parts upgrading or replacing within 10-15 years. Total investment in this sector, by 2030, is forecast at around $290-billion (US). More than $195-billion will be allocated to power generation stations, with the rest going to transmission and distribution segments.

North American OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for hydropower stations do not have enough capacity to fulfill the assigned goal. Therefore, Canada must rely on experienced and trusted overseas OEM’s to manufacture hydro generator parts.

For example, it is projected that PTFE Bearing Pads will be in high demand due to their superior quality compared to widely installed Babbitt bearing pads. Nero Delta has an exclusive agreement with a trusted OEM located in Russia ready to manufacture and deliver high-quality PTFE bearing pads within six months.

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